Analyse Influencer on Instagram®

Your Instagram® Influencers search engine! Agencies waste a lot of time – are you? For their influencer management on Instagram® with sheets and manuel updates, employees spent a lot of time. Social Analytics is the Instagram® solution for your agency! It has never been so easy to search and find bloggers (by country, city, category, follower), analyse their accounts, predict engagement and also money. 100% web based for $39 only / month. Only 39$ instead of 99$? Yes, because: Facebook restricted request from third parties like us. Therefore, we are not able to get monitoring data of Instagram. We are really sorry for that, but this is still a result of the Cambrigdge Analytica case and the ‘new way of data protection’. We are working on it, but we cannot quarantee a monitoring comeback right now. Therefore we already changed our price from 99$ to 39$ (-60%) right now.