Social Media + Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the Toplist Generator

Now online! The new mega feature for SEO (search engine optimization) in combination with social media. So to speak, social media content marketing for search engines. Phew! Sounds complex, is super easy. The new feature is now online and free for you! Win customers for free. Very easy, thanks to SEO. I explain in more detail + give two best practice examples, so you can start directly!

The Instagram HTML Toplist Generator

A byproduct of the hashtag analyzer. Why? Many are also looking for SEO for their own website, online shop, etc. SEO is not that easy and a professional is always recommended. Only not everyone has that.

Super short explains how it works?

For “fashion designer Germany” we have been on page 1 for two years, even 2x. Completely free traffic for our modeling agency with only 8 photos of Instagram and 100 words of text. Every month, new clicks, new customers, new requests.

You can now quickly create toplists in social analytics in just a few clicks. Find a hashtag, then go to the toplist generator and copy the finished HTML code into your blog. In addition 200, 300 words, voila: SEO!

Remember, 95% of Internet users first search Google!

Advantages of HTML Generator for Instagram Toplists

The advantages are obvious. Summarized:

  1. SEO ranking on long-term
  2. Simple job, even for interns
  3. Content generation without a professional

This is how the Toplist Generator works

The toplist generator works first again hashtag analyzer. Enter #hashtag and confirm.
5 minutes later, you have results available. Copy HTML text, paste, voila!

Example 1

SEO thanks to topic-related content of articles

On our own platform we use the tool and search for #rolex, etc. Through our general page (Instagram, Influencer) the brands are in the context of Infuencer Marketing. This gives us rankings among others. for ‘Rolex Influencer’ or ‘Rolex Influencer Marketing’ … that brings us relevant visitors who are looking for inspiration, for example, or tips or even influencers for their own brand who already have experience with watches. Perfect target group for our tool!

Example # 2

Fashion magazine content generation for nutrition

We are now placing our fashion magazine in the nutrition segment. Quite simply with great lists to the Theam: “What’s up for vegan trends on Instagram?” … “Paleo”, “Fructarier”, “Low Carb”, etc. We just write a short introduction, the rest is done by the tool!